X-Ray Fluorescence

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Pit Closures?

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Construction Materials

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Well Water

Has the color, texture, taste, smell or clarity of your well water changed? Or has it been several years since it was tested?

Wyoming Analytical Laboratories, Inc. is a full service environmental laboratory Headquartered in Laramie with a branch Rock Springs. We have been providing analytical support to the construction, mining, and energy industries since 1977. WAL is a small business, proud to be woman-owned and operated.

Since 1977 Wyoming Analytical Laboratories, Inc. has been providing chemical and physical testing services for geological and environmental industries: water and wastewater, soil and overburden, cement gravel and asphalt, lime and limestone, coal, coal ash and fly-ash, petroleum and petroleum products, hazardous wastes, alternative fuels, and miscellaneous materials.

Major, minor, and trace elements are determined by selected instrumental procedures: IC, AA, ICP, ICP-MS, XRF, and other elemental analyzers. Organic materials are analyzed by GC, GC/MS, calorimetry, elemental analyzers, and more.