AVG VPN Netflix Review

AVG Secure VPN is a budget-friendly solution that offers a solid collection of features at a low cost. It doesn’t store any activity logs and makes use of the OpenVPN tunneling protocol to protect users, and allows unblocking of Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu and provides eight P2P internet servers to torrent, and offers a clean and clutter-free experience, with high speed. The company offers a 30 day refund guarantee.

Unfortunately, there’s no Preferences button on the main page of the app, like you’ll find in most other VPN clients for macOS. Instead, you have to select the menu bar applet and select Preferences from there, which is a bit irritating. Another odd thing is that you cannot set a custom DNS server within the client, making changing your IP address a bit more complicated.

Sadly, even though avg VPN netflix has its own streaming web servers that are supposed to work with Netflix however, the streaming giant is notorious for detecting VPNs and blocking their access. Additionally, the company’s machine network is smaller in comparison to other providers, which can result in interconnection problems and dormancy. The provider also doesn’t support More Help divided tunneling, so you’ll need to route all of your internet traffic through the VPN.

AVG Secure VPN collects a number of details about its customers. This includes emails, SIM card numbers, contact details, and location data. The company says that the information collected can be used to improve its services and protect customers. It can also be shared with third parties when necessary however only after obtaining your permission.

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