Choosing the Right VDR Software for Your Business

Vdr software provides secure storage of information and immediate access by a limited group of people, regardless of their location. This is vital to a variety of industries and use cases, including M&As and legal litigation land syndication, medical research and investment management, as well as finance. Some VDR vendors provide tools that are adapted to the specific needs of these industries. Others are able to support a broad range of industries and use cases with workflow templates.

Finding the right vdr software for your company starts with understanding which features are essential to your business use cases. You’ll want a complete set of security features, including granular document sharing (password-protected to limit access to a select group of collaborators) and linking documents and modifying metadata to allow file search. Also, you should ensure that your VDR comes with a mobile-friendly app that is compatible with iOS and Android, no plugins or Java required. Other features that are useful include personal branding, the ability to wipe a mobile device, and detailed audits that let you drill down on what users do in your VDR (upload or view download, etc.).).

It is important to have the support you need for your customers to be reliable. This will not only ensure an uninterrupted experience across devices, but also ensure that you are getting the best user experience. Your support team will become a part of your own team and be accessible 24/7/365 to assist with training materials and answer any questions. You’ll want your support team’s response to any issue within 30 seconds, and they should stay with you until the issue is resolved.

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