Deal Origination Investment Banking

Deal origination investment banking involves finding new opportunities for private equity (PE) companies, venture capital companies and other financial intermediaries. In many cases, these deals are the initial step toward creating a full-fledged merger and acquisition agreement.

At the lower end of the spectrum A small-time broker may create a mailing list to send to business owners in the hope that they’ll need intermediary services if they decide to sell their business. At the upper end of the business the big Wall Street firm might conduct regular meetings with prospective clients, hoping that they will award them with their authority to invest in a bank transaction.

Both methods have been used for decades. However, technology has revolutionized the way things are done by streamlining processes and introducing digital tools that are specifically designed to assist in investment banking deal sourcing. Using private company intelligence platforms, specialized data analytics, and specifically designed digital solutions for investment banking in identifying, researching and ranking potential buyers for deals.

These digital tools facilitate collaboration between team members and decrease the need for manual data entry. Investment banks can keep up with the rapidly changing deals even when team members aren’t physically present at their desks. These are only a few reasons why modern investment banks are using technology to manage their essential business operations. For instance, take a look at how DealCloud helped Balfour Pacific Capital improve their processes and scale their growth with a fully-integrated platform of solutions.

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