Well water

How long has it been since your drinking water was tested?




Has the color, texture, taste, smell or clarity of your water changed? Or has it been several years since it was tested?

Where does your water come from?

Older homes can have issues from substandard piping and plumbing, and even issues from contamination if the integrity of water pipes going into your home has been compromised.

Most homeowners with a water well are unaware of how the quality of water in an aquifer can change drastically over time – pipes and casings can break down, allowing for possible contamination. WAL suggests that you have each well tested yearly to determine if there is damage to your well or system or if the water supply has changed.

We offer potability analysis for Human Consumption, Livestock and Agriculture, as well as analysis for solids, organics, biologicals and metals contamination. Not sure what you need? Call us at 307-742-7995! With a few questions, we can determine what analysis would be best for your situation.

See our Well & Garden page for more information.

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