How to Fix the “Windows Can’t Detect Network Proxy Settings” Error in Windows 10

The settings for a network proxy in Windows 10 are used to redirect all internet traffic to a central server instead of directly connecting to the internet. This is common for schools and businesses as it protects against malicious attacks and enhances security. However, this also means that if the proxy server is unavailable or incorrectly configured users may not be connected to the internet at all. It’s an easy problem to resolve. This article will go over different methods to fix the “Windows cannot detect network proxy settings” error in Windows 10. This article will look at various ways to fix the “Windows can’t detect network proxy settings” error in Windows 10.

Open the Control Panel and click on Network and Internet. Then, click on Internet Options. Once the Internet Options dialog box opens ensure that Use a proxy server is disabled. If you’re on a corporate or school network, consult with your system administrator to determine what the preferred proxy settings should be.

It’s possible that a program is interfering if you can’t change your network settings through the Settings app or the older Internet Options dialog box. You should disable your firewall, VPN, and antivirus software until you determine what’s causing the problem. If all else fails try restoring your system from a point that was made prior to the issue. This should bring your system back to a point in time prior to the problem onset and eliminate any new programs or drivers that could cause them.

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